Project Assignment 5 – Design Review

Because CS and HU students have class on different days, the CS sub-team and the HU sub-team will have separate separate design reviews with the instructors during their respective classes. Karla Kitalong and Robert Pastel intend to attend both CS and HU sub-team design review.

The design review with the instructors should occur after you have meet with your client and user experience experts. The instructors will announce the schedule for the design review interviews via the class email list.

Review with Instructor

The CS sub-team will meet with with the instructors in Robert Pastel’s office, Rekhi 206, for approximately 20 minutes. Arrive early for the design review and wait in the circular room. I will come out and greet you in the circular room.

The interview is to review your design progress and spot more usability problems with your user interface.

You should be prepared to:

  • Explain the user interface, including the purpose, users and important components
  • Show drawings of design changes, including a walkthrough of the interface and the heuristic evaluation
  • Show your updated list of tables and column names
  • Describe the feedback you have received from your client and user experience experts.
  • Describe the design changes you plan to make

Up load your files and link them to your web site before the design review, so that we can refer to them during the review.  They can be separate documents from the walkthrough documents. I want to see the progression of your design.

These documents may need updating. They should have different version numbers from the prior document, so that I can see the progression of your design. Your documents should have the date that they were created just below the title:

  • Simplified Hierarchical Task Analysis design
  • Paper prototype design improved by the feedback from client and user experience expert.  

All team members are required to attend their respective design review. During the design review, several group members should be responsible for taking notes and record my evaluations and comments. The notes should be transcribed or scanned and post on your website immediately after the meeting.

Email Me

After you have posted your note from the respective design review on your website, you should email me (pastel at and Karla Kitalong (kitalong at that the notes have been posted. The subject line of the email should be

cs4760-hu4628 Project Assignment 5 – <team name>

I will expect you email within in a week after your review.