CS4760, HU4628 and CS5760 are distinct courses in Usability and Human-Computer Interactions (HCI). The undergraduate course CS4760 is a course in user interface (UI) design and implementation. The undergraduate course HU4628 is a course in usability and instruction writing. The graduate course CS5760 is a course in UI evaluation and usability testing. All courses emphasize user-center centered design and usability evaluation.

This year students design, implement and evaluate web applications (apps). Many of the apps from CS4760, HU47628 and CS5760 are further developed by Senior Design students at Michigan Tech, a citizen science project funded by National Science Foundation.

App Developers Sites

UX Consultant Sites

    • Grad 1: Glory Creed – User Centered Design
    • Grad 2: Nichole Mackey – HCI in Trusting Autonomous Vehicles
    • Grad 3: Anne Linja –  Usability Scales
    • Grad 4: Dan Wood – Data Visualization on Mobile Devices
    • Grad 5: Lamia Alam – Explanation in Medical AI Applications
    • Grad 6: James Henderson –  HCI while watching sports
    • Grad 7: Abheek Srivastava – Augmented Reality
    • Grad 8: Ruby Periera – Gesture Recognition
    • Grad 9: Sandeep Battula – VR Game Design
    • Grad 10: Shashank Munnooru – Effectiveness of alerts in wearable devices
    • Grad 11: Sadia Nowrin – Speech-Based Interface for Disabled People
    • Grad 12: Karan Sunchanakota – Gesture Recognition in Medical Apps

Scientist Client Page

    • Scientist 1: Amy Sieger – Informative and Communication Soil Health App
    • Scientist 2: Jill Carr – Eelgrass Monitoring App
    • Scientist 3: Chris Goforth – Dragonfly Detectives
    • Scientist 4: Don LaFreniere & Sarah Scarlett – Keweenaw Time Traveler Story Query Tool
    • Scientist 5: Kathryn Kass – Medical Appointment Scheduler
    • Scientist 6: Mary Ellen Miller – WEPP Model
    • Scientist 7: Greg Newman – CitSci Mobile