HU4628 Assignments: Overview

There are three types of assignments for HU4628: project, individual, and surveys.

  1. The project assignments are team design and evaluation assignments. They are to be performed collaboratively by your cross-functional team.  Individual projects assignments delineate which portion of the assignment the CS students or HU students are responsible for.
    • This year, most HU4628 students will work with a team from CS4760 to design, text, evaluate, and prototype an app for a citizen scientist. This team assignment has about a dozen milestone assignments, most to be developed by all members of the team.
    • One or two teams will work cross-functionally within the HU4628 class on a heuristic evaluation project, also with a citizen scientist client.
  2. Each person in HU4628 will also revise a flawed instruction set, test it, update it , and report the results of the process. This is an individual assignment that is submitted for University assessment.
  3. End of semester surveys are required by all students.

Assignment Category Pages

Read the assignment category pages for more detail: