CS4760, HU4642 and CS5760 are distinct courses in Human-Computer Interactions (HCI). The undergraduate course CS4760 is a course in user interface (UI) design and implementation. The HU4642 is a course in advance web design. The graduate course CS5760 is a course in UI evaluation and usability testing. All courses emphasize user-center centered design and usability evaluation.

This year students design, implement and evaluate Web applications (apps). Many of the apps from CS4760, HU4628 and CS5760 are further developed for Mobile Environment Citizen Science at Michigan Tech, a citizen science project funded by National Science Foundation.

App Developers Sites

UX Consultant Sites

  • Grad 1: Jason Sterkenburg – Gesture Controls in Vehicles
  • Grad 2: Steven Landry – Auditory Displays and Data Sonification
  • Grad 3: Mohammad Beheshti – Older Computer Users
  • Grad 4: Jaclyn Barnes – Child-Robot Interaction
  • Grad 5: Avinash Subramanian – 3D Browsing Interface in VR
  • Grad 6: Farhana Haque – Haptic Display and Feedback
  • Grad 7: Kuber Sharma – Mobile HCI Evaluation
  • Grad 8: Sachin Fernandes – OCR Interfaces for Visually Impaired
  • Grad 9: Sree Ram Akula – HRI Theory and Evaluation
  • Grad 10: Haitang Duan – HCI Testing Based on the Psychology of Design
  • Grad 11: Ridwan Ahmed Khan – Musical Hand Exercise as Physiotherapy
  • Grad 12: Sajib Al Seraj – Users Models

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