Project Assignment 4 – Design Changes after Walkthrough

Soon after your walkthrough you should meet with your client and user experience expert (graduate student) to gather their feedback on your design. After you meeting with your client and user experience expert you should list your design changes in a document.

Feedback from Client (Scientist)

Soon after your walkthrough, your group should meet with you r client (scientist) and discuss the design changes suggested by the cognitive walkthrough. The purpose of the meeting is for the scientist to give you feedback on your design and to indicate any missing component. Your group should have sketches (hand or software drawn) of your application design and the list of data that the app will store for the scientist to review. Email the documents to the scientist before your meeting. You may explain the application to the scientist by reading your nominal use scenario if the scientist did not attend the cognitive walkthrough.
Record your meeting notes with the client (scientists) and post them on the web.

Feedback from User Experience Experts (Graduate Student)

After you receive the heuristic evaluation from the graduate student and before your review with me, your group should meet with the graduate student that preformed the heuristic evaluation. The purpose of the meeting is for the graduate student to give you feedback on your design resulting from the heuristic evaluation. All members of your group should have read the heuristic evaluation before meeting with the graduate student. You should also have accessible during the meeting your paper prototype used for the cognitive walkthrough.

At least one member of your group should record notes during the meeting. The meeting notes should be posted on your website immediately after the meeting.

Design Change Document

You should decide if the proposed design changes proposed by your client (scientist) and user experience expert (graduate student) are appropriate and/or derive your own additional design changes. The design changes you plan to implement should be organized and listed in a Design Change Document. For each design change you should give a reason or rationale for the design change, so you will know why you made the change. Like all documents that your group generates, the Design Change Document should be dated just below the title. Your group will generate several design change documents during the semester so they should be numbered in the title of the document and posted in order on your website.

Post the Design Change Document on your website before you meet with me.

Email Me

After you have posted your Design Change Document email me (pastel at, and Stefka Hristova (shristov at   that the Design Change Document is posted. The subject line of the email should be

cs4760 – hu4642 Project Assignment 4 – <group name>