Evaluation Assignment 5 – Preliminary Usability Test Results Presentation

During the final week of the semester, you will present preliminary results from your usability testing. You can present with the UX expert that conducted usability test on the same app. Please coordinate your presentations if you present together, but each expert speak about the results from their tests separately. The combined presentation should only be 20 minutes with time for questions. So your part of the presentation will be about 7 minutes.

An example outline for your presentation:

  1. Introduce yourself as the user experience experts conducting the usability test
  2. Name the app and the purpose of the app
  3. Concisely describe the test process and type of data collect during the testing
  4. Summarize the usability test results – this should be in only in general terms
  5. Summary of the results from common usability questions
  6. Summary of bugs, include number and servitiy of bugs
  7. Recommend changes for the app – only the most important changes
  8. Explain that there will be more details in your Usability Test Report, and will be posted on your website
  9. Introduce the other presenter