Prepare for class discussions by reading lecture notes before their presentation.  Lectures are only in approximate order of presentation. See the schedule for the specific dates of their presentation.

HCI Design, Implementation and Evaluation Lectures

  1. Project and Stakeholders
  2. Application Ideas and User Centered Design
  3. Interaction Styles and Mobile Interactions
  4. Teams
  5. Task Analysis
  6. Interviewing
  7. Personas 
  8. Norman Interaction Theory
  9. Usability
  10. Prototyping
  11. Graphic Design
  12. Expert Evaluation
  13. Web Framework
  14. Groovy Programming
  15. Grails Programming
  16. Git Introduction
  17. Deploying Web Apps
  18. Design for Offline
  19. Implementing Offline
  20. Usability Testing
  21. GOMS KLM