Project Assignment 7 – Usability Test Schedule

The usability test sessions must be scheduled three weeks before the actual testing because many individuals must be coordinated and space for the testing must be arranged.  Graduate students  must coordinate with CS team members. Space for the testing must also be coordinated. Finally, I must seek participants for the testing.

The graduate students will schedule approximately 6 test sessions separately for the thirteenth week of the semester. Each session is an hour and at least two CS team members should assist the graduate student. Each CS team member should attend at least 6 usability test sessions. I encourage CS team member to attend as many test sessions as possible. I recommend not scheduling any testing before 10 am because students like to sleep in late.

Coordinate the test schedule early with your graduate student because I will use the order that I receive schedules to resolve any scheduling conflicts between teams. The graduate student are responsible for emailing me the test schedule. The schedule will indicate the time and location for the testing along with the team members’ names that will assist with the testing.

After I finalize the test schedule, your team should make a table delineating the team members that will assist during each test sessions of your application. The time and location of the test sessions should also be displayed in the table. The table should be posted on your website.

Email Me

After you have posted your test table schedule, you should email me (pastel at  that the test table is posted on your web site. The subject line of the email should be

cs4760 Project Assignment 7 – <team name>