Below is collection of resources for the course. In most cases these resources are linked elsewhere in the website. They are collected here for your convince.

Course Schedule

Scientist and Student Documents

  • Scientist-Student Agreement – This document describes the responsibilities of the scientist and the students working on the citizen science Android apps. Both scientist and students should read.
  • Scientists and App Ideas – This document list all the scientists’ contact information and app idea.
  • Team Contract – This word document is a form for a team contract. It should be modified and signed by all team members.
  • Post Meeting Form – This form should be used by groups to record all their meetings with project stakeholders including with scientist and among themselves. This form should be supplemented with the group’s own detail notes. Both the Post Meeting Form and your detail meeting notes should be posted on your project website.
  • Common Usability Test Questions – This documents contains questions that are common to all usability test questions.
  • Usability Testing Consent Forms – PDF of the consent form to be signed by participants of the usability tests.

Lectures Resources

HTML and CSS Resources

Groovy and Grails Resources

ArcGIS JavaScript Resources

  • Maps and Layers – Webpage demonstrating maps, base maps and layers
  • Drawing Features – Webpage demonstrating drawing and viewing features on a feature layer
  • Adding Attachments – Webpage demonstrating adding and viewing feature attachments

Mashup Groovy Scripts

  • postWD.groovy – Groovy script for requesting and parsing the response from Disturbed WEPP website.