Topic Assignment 2 – Paper

Your paper presents your original ideas on the topic. The paper can be more like a “proposal” than a “research paper.” I suspect that you will not have time to verify your ideas thoroughly with experiments or implementations, but you can verify your ideas with theory and evidence from the literature.

Original Idea

I am not strict about the type of idea your paper presents, but it should be a significant idea. Example ideas:

  • Descriptions of a new HCI technique
  • A new issues in a topic
  • design of a new HCI that has not been considered in the topic
  • A new evaluation technique, or refinement of an evolution technique
  • A critical review of alternatives in a topic, especially if your review generates a third alternative or combines the two alternatives.

This is not a complete list. If you have concerns about the significances of your idea, you may email me.

Paper Requirements

The style and length of the paper should be similar to a conference papers. The paper should have a descriptive title and a 50-100 word abstract. The paper should introduce only the relevant work form the literature. You should have references, but only as many as you need to write the paper and for readers to reference. I suspect that the references will include your presentation references with additional references relevant to your original ideas.

Length and Font

The format of the paper should be single spaced 12 pt. times roman font (not two columns) and about 10 pages (which will correspond to a 5 page conference paper). The length does not matter too much. The paper length is suggested so that you understand how thorough your paper should be. If you can only write only 5 pages then probably you do not have a significant idea, have not well justified it well or have not sufficiently introduced the relevant topics. If you write 15 pages then probably you have too many ideas, not writing concisely, spending too much time surveying the literature or your justification is too complex.

Tips on Writing

Tips on writing your paper:

  • Have a good idea
  • Support your ideas
  • Clearly present your idea
  • Give related work
  • Use the verbal style of conference papers, do not make it too formal or familiar
  • Be concise and precise
  • Outline the paper before writing
  • Expect at least one week to write your paper after you have outlined the paper

Email Me

Email me (pastel at that you have posted your paper on your website in MS word or Open Office formats or PDf.  Please do not email your paper as an attachment. I’ll download it from your website. You should email me early during Spring Break with the subject line

cs5760 Topic Assignment 2

When I reply to your topic paper, you can revise your paper if you wish and post a new version on your website.

Paper Evaluation

Your paper will be evaluated on:

  • Timeliness, submitting the paper before Spring Break
  • Originality of idea
  • Supporting of your ideas
  • Proper English and writing style
  • Clarity

Your paper will be evaluated/reviewed similarly to conference papers or grant proposals. My critique may be a little harsh, but that is only to be clear. Reviews tend to delineate what is wrong with the paper.