Project Assignment 6 – Implementation Requirements

The Implementation requirements assignment has three parts each with separate due dates:

  • Part A – Initial GitHub Commit
  • Part B – Domain and Spring Security Commit
  • Part C – First Deployment

They are described below. But first, the next section describes general implementation requirements while you develop your app and for the completed project.

General Implementation Requirements

  1. Your app name and packages for your app project should be all lower case. Many times using mixed case app name and packages causes deployment to the Tomcat server to fail, even those the app works while developing your local machine.
  2. I strongly recommend to have regular “Workjams” during development. Successful teams have found workjams very effective.
  3. Test the implementation with the different browsers and if appropriate phone browsers early and frequently.
  4. Be sure to test the deployed app on the tomcat server with different browsers. I suggest having “Deployment Parties” where everyone test the deployed app together.
  5. The implementation should be complete up to any requirements specified during the design review. If the implementation cannot be completed, you should document missing components and why they cannot be finished.
  6. Email me if your implementation has any obstacles inhibiting completeness.
  7. Check back for more requirements.

Part A – Initial GitHub Commit

Your team should make the initial commit into your GitHub repository the week that you have had your Design Review with instructors. Your team should rewrite the “readme” in GitHub describing the app and listing the team members before Spring Break.

Submit on Canvas

I monitor the repositories and get email after each commit, but still you should submit on Canvas the URL to your github repository.

Part B – Domain and Spring Security Commit

If your app needs authorization and authentication (and most apps do need security), you should install Spring Security Grails plugin early. Experience has show that there can be problem integrating Spring Security late during development, so install it early.

Your team should commit the app homepage and domain objects into your GitHub repository. Your domain classes and database schema design document should agree. Be sure the database schema design document is up to date. Be sure to keep the old version of the database schema.

Submit on Canvas

After you have made the app home page, domain classes and added the Spring Security Plugins, submit on Canvas the URL of your github repository.

Part C – First Deployment

Your app will need to be deployed on your tomcat server. Your first deployment should be no later than then the week before the final design review. See the deployment lecture for details on how to deploy:

Deploying Web Apps

Be sure to read the lecture carefully. There is a lot to do to make the first deployment and plenty of “Got You”.

Submit on Canvas

After you have made your first deployment of your app, submit on Canvas the URL (including port number) of your deployed app.