HU4628 Assignments: Overview

There are three types of assignments for HU4628: Project, Individual, and surveys.

  1. Project assignments. The Project assignments are completed collaboratively by cross-functional teams.
    • This year, six Project teams will be composed of approximately 6 students from CS4760 and 3 students from HU4628, plus 1 or 2 graduate students from CS5760 who work independently alongside the undergraduate students and provide input throughout the semester.
    • Each team will design, test, evaluate, prototype, and write instructional and other documentation for a citizen scientist app.
    • Most assignments are completed by the whole team working together.
    • In some cases, team responsibilities are split, with CS students responsible for programming tasks and HU students for instructional and other documentation and app testing. But input and feedback are provided by members from each subspecialty.
    • There are about a dozen Project assignments, with due dates spread throughout the term. Consult the master schedule or the HU4628 Canvas page for details.
  1. Instructional assignments. HU4628 will partner with Career Services on instruction sets.  You will work in a small group to produce a traditional job aid (written instructions available on line); a video script; and an informational graphic or other visual instruction set. You will draft, test, and revise each set and write a report summarizing the results.
  2. End of semester surveys are required of all students.

Assignment Category Pages

Read the assignment category pages for more detail: