Discussion Topics & Application Questions

Lecture 1: Stakeholders & Teamwork

Stakeholder Questions:

With your neighbors, pick a project and write down significant parts of the “App”, “Primary”, “Secondary” and “Tertiary” stakeholders.

Teamwork Question:

Discuss with your neighbors and write down 3 challenges you have personally experienced forming and working with a team. Also how you overcome these challenges, if you did.

Lecture 2: User-Centered Design & Interaction Styles

User-Centered Design Questions:

Name differences between Waterfall and User-Centered design processes, and why the differences are important for designing a user interface. 

Interaction Styles Questions:

For an software application that you either like or dislike, identify the conceptual model for the interaction why that model works or does not work.

Lecture 3: Task Analysis, Mobile Interaction & Team Management

Task Analysis Questions:

With your team, write a nominal interaction scenario for your application.

With your team, pick two other projects and write down an scenario describing an error using the application.

Mobile Interaction Questions:

With your team, determine the mobile interactions your applications will use and the challenges designing and implementing the interaction.

For 2 other projects, identify mobile interactions for the applications.

Team Management Questions:

With your team, discuss, decide and write down:

  • Your team structure and team leaders
  • Your team name and goals
  • Your team governance

Lecture 4: Interviewing & Preparing for Interviews

Interview Questions:

With your team, decide and write down how you will conduct your interviews and what roles each team member will have.

Preparing for Interviews:

With your team, list the questions you will ask your scientist/clients. Why are you asking the questions? What order will you ask the questions?

Lecture 5: User, Graphic Design & Personas

Graphic Design:

With your team, name aspects of CRAP that is most important for your application, why it is important and how you will use it.

Pick two other projects and delineate the aspects of CRAP that is most important for those projects.

What color scheme will your application use?


With you team, identify the primary and secondary users of your project and list their characteristics.

What is the difference between a “Secondary Stakeholder” and “Secondary User”? Typically, is a “Secondary User” a primary or secondary stakeholder?


With your team, name 3 primary users for your project and briefly describe them.

Name 2 secondary users for your project and briefly describe them.

Lecture 6: Usability & Preparing for Interviews


With your team, list the usability concerns you have for your application, and why it is a concern.

For two other projects, list the usability concerns for the applications.

Go to https://userinyerface.com/ (pronounced “in your face”) and list all that is wrong with the interface.

Preparing for Interviewing:

With you team, list the follow up questions for your scientist/client and why you are asking.

Lecture 7: Prototyping & Expert Evaluation

Concept Design:

With your team, discuss metaphors for your application interactions and choose a metaphor. Also what is the primary interaction paradigm for your app in terms of 1) instructing, 2) conversing, 3) manipulation and navigating, 4) exploring and browsing.

For 2 other projects, determine an appropriate metaphor for their application.

Expert Evaluation:

With your team, identify the application domain for your website.

With your team, list the most important heuristics for your applications and why it is important.

For 2 other projects, identify the application domain for their applications.

Lecture 14: Usability Testing

Usability Concerns:

With your teams, discuss and list three usability concerns you have for you app.

For 2 other apps, determine what is the most important usability concern for the app.