Project Assignment 9 – Meetings after Final Design Presentation

After your final design presentation your team will meet with your client for feedback on your design and make arrangements with your user experience expert for usability testing.

Review with Client (Scientist)

Email your scientist/client before your presentation informing your scientist about the presentation and that you will need to meet after your presentation to get their feedback. You should suggest meeting times. Allow the scientist two days to watch the video. I will email links to the video the night of your presentation. If you do not hear from your scientist/client in one business, email a reminder.

Your team should meet with your scientist within a week of your final design presentation. The purpose of the meeting is for the scientist to give you feedback on your design. Your team should have screen shoots and drawings of your application and the list of data that the app will store for the scientist to review. Email the documents to the scientist before your meeting. You may need to review design with the scientist if the scientist did not attend the design presentation, and you should discuss changes in the design you made after the presentation.

At least one member of your team should record notes during the meeting. The meeting notes should be posted on your website immediately after the meeting.

Meeting with User Experience Expert (Graduate Students)

After the final design presentation you will meet with the graduate student administrating the usability test for your app. The graduate students will advise you what:

  • components of your design that must be implemented for the testing
  •  additional output from your implementation required for analysis, such as writing to a logfie.

Your team should comply with the graduate student requests. Your group will also assist the graduate student during the testing.

Meeting with HU4628 Students

Your collaborating HU4268 students will also be conducting a usability test on your app help. The group will advise you what:

  • components of your design that must be implemented for the testing
  • additional output from your implementation required for analysis

Your group should comply with the collaborating HU4628 student requests. Your group will also assist the HU4628 students during their testing.

Design Change Document

After you have met with your client and user experience expert, your team should meet and decide if the proposed design changes are appropriate and/or derive your own additional design changes. The design changes you plan to implement should be organized and listed in a Design Change Document.

Post the design change document on your website.

Submit on Canvas

After you have posted your design changes on your website, submit on Canvas the URL to the design change document.