Students from two courses collaborate on the projects: CS4760 and CS5760. The CS4760 course emphasizes design and implementation of a user interface (UI). CS5760 emphasizes evaluations of UI and usability testing.  Because graduate students in CS5760 evaluate the undergraduate UI designs students in both courses must adhere to the schedule and communicate regularly to assure an effective collaboration.

Due Dates

Students in these courses collaborate in several assignments. This collaboration means that the schedule must be adhere to and deadlines met.

Read “Course Details” section in the course policy.


CS4760 teams and CS5760 graduate students will be assigned to each other by the end of the first week of the semester. At that time, CS4760 students form a single team working on the application.

The role of the CS5760 graduate students are as consultants to the CS4760 and HU4628 teams. Graduate students are to evaluate and test designs, and consequently they should make design suggestions, but the graduate students are not to managers of the projects.

Emailing Collaborators

When teams and graduate students are assigned to each other, they should send email to each other within 24 hours. The emails should introduce yourself, request additional information and schedule meetings.

The teams and graduate students should respond immediately to the emails. If there is lack of email response then the team or graduate students should another email and cc me (your instructor), so that I’m alerted the recipient- of the lack of their response.

I request that the email addresses are posted on the teams’ and graduate students’ websites; the email address does not have to be a hard link. The undergraduate teams should make an email list. Groups/teams can make email list at:

When the team sends an email to the graduate student, the email subject line should begin with

cs4760 – <team name> <subject>

where <team name> is the name of your team and <subject> is the standard subject line. The subject line is to assure that students recognize the email as a course correspondence.

When graduate students send an email to undergraduate teams, the email subject line should be:

cs4760 – <grad name> – <subject>

where <grad name> is the graduate student name and <subject> is the standard subject line. The subject line is to assure that groups recognize the email as a course correspondence.

Some assignments instruct you to send me an email. When you send the email use the subject line specified in the assignment, so I will be assured to recognize your email as a course correspondence.      

Specific Assignments