Project Assignment 16 – UX Consultant Topic Presentations

For this assignment you will attend the topic presentation of your UX Consultants/graduate students and ask questions.

Reading List

There is no reading list for this assignment.

Assignment Description

Your UX consultants/graduate students will separately schedule with you a time for them to present their topic during the first two weeks after Spring Break. The UX consultants will record their presentations. As a team, you should attend the UX consultants’ presentation and ask questions about the topic.

Submit on Canvas and Due Date

After you have participated in the UX consultants’ presentations, leave a note in Canvass that you attended the presentation. The assignment is due before the end of the first two weeks after Spring Break.

Grading Rubric

This assignment is evaluated by promptness and completeness.

Prepare for Next Assignment

In the next assignment, you will make your first deployment of your app to the tomcat server. To prepare, read: