Evaluation Assignment 10 – Preliminary Usability Test Results Presentation

During the final week of the semester, you will present preliminary results from your usability tests.

Reading List

To prepare for this assignment, you will want to review:

Assignment Description

Preliminary Usability Test Results Presentation

The UX consultants that conducted usability tests on the same app will present sequentially. Each consultant speaks about their testing process and results from their tests separately. Only the first speaker describes the app. The following speakers only needs to add to the app description, if the first speaker did not describe an app component that you tested. I will email you the order of presenters. 

The combined presentation should only be approximately 20 minutes with 5 minutes for questions. So your part of the presentation will be about 8 minutes.

An example outline for your presentation:

  1. Introduce yourself as the user experience experts conducting the usability test
  2. Name the app and the purpose of the app <- given only by first presenter
  3. Concisely describe the test process and type of data collect during the testing
  4. Summarize the usability test results – this should be in only in general terms
  5. Summary of the results from common usability questions
  6. Summary of bugs, include number and severity of bugs
  7. Recommend changes for the app – only the most important changes
  8. State that there will be more details in your Usability Test Report, and will be posted on your website
  9. Introduce the next presenter

Meeting with Sponsoring Scientists

After you presentation, the development team will meet with the sponsoring scientist.  You will need to attend this meeting. The scientist may have questions about the usability tests and results. You should not run the meeting with the scientist. Let the team run the meeting. The meeting is also about the scientist giving a final evaluation of the app to the development team. These evaluations will be used to inform the second development of the app.

Consultant Website

Before your presentation, post your slides on your consultant website.

Google Sheet Details

In the “Usability Test Sessions” google sheets, make sure that the final column in the google sheet labelled “Attended” is up to date. During the testing, you should have marked in the corresponding cell if the participant attended the session or not. You can write in the cell “yes” or “no”.

When all of the testing is done, I will notify the instructors, and they can give the students that participated in the testing extra credit.

Submitting on Canvas

After your presentation, submit on Canvas the URL to your presentation slide.

Grading Rubric

I will evaluate your presentation on promptness and completeness. I will give you feedback in particular about:

  • Promptness includes posting the slides on your website and starting your presentation quickly.
  • The presentation. The voice of the speaker, eg can I hear and understand the speakers. Also important is how you respond to questions.
  • Are the test scenarios explained and understandable?
  • Are the observed and measured results explained and understandable?
  • Are the conclusions justified and understandable?

Prepare for Next Assignment

The final evaluation assignment is the usability test report. Prepare by reading: