Project Assignment 19 – Final Design Feedback

For this assignment, you will give feedback on the design of other projects.

Reading List

There is no readings for this assignments.

Assignment Description

In the same email that announces the final design presentation order, your team will be assigned teams to give feedback on their app design.

After the team has finished their presentation, I will call on your team to give feedback. The feedback can be:

  • a concern about usability of the app
  • a design idea for the app
  • addressing usability concern that the team has for their app
  • an implementation technique for the app

Submit on Canvas and Due Date

After the team has presented, leave a note in canvas that you have given the team feedback.

Grading Rubric

I will evaluate your feedback to the other team and their app for:

  • Appropriateness
  • Significance
  • Sincerity
  • Quantity

Note that appropriate and significant feedback is more important than quantity.

Prepare for Next Assignment

In your next assignments, you will collect feedback from your scientist/client, and your instructor/me. Prepare for the assignment by reading: