Project Assignment 18 – Final Design Presentation

For this assignment, you will prepare and present the near-final design for your app. The purpose of the presentation is to demonstrate to your UX consultants/graduate students what you will be able to complete for the usability testing and to get feedback on your design before the usability test.

Reading List

There is no reading list for this assignment.

Assignment Description

All students are required to attend all presentations in their respective classes and to provide feedback to each team.

This presentation is not really the final design because during the development your design will probably change. Also this presentation is more than a design presentation; the presentation demonstrates what you have implemented and plan to implement. This presentation is also your last chance before the usability testing to get feedback from the class. Also the presentation demonstrates to the graduate students how much you have implemented, so that your UX consultants/graduate students can plan for the usability testing.

Meeting with Graduate Students/UX Consultants and Scientist/Clients

Meeting with UX Consultants

After your presentation, you will need to meet with your UX consultants/graduate students to prepare for the usability testing of your app. The UX consultants/graduate students will need a link to your final design presentation slides and to your deployed app so that they can use them to design their usability tests. The graduate students will give you a link to their heuristic evaluation. Your website should include these links.

Meeting with Scientist/Clients

After your final design presentation, you should meet with your scientists/clients to get their feedback. Contact your scientists/clients before your presentation to schedule the meeting. The meeting should occur with one to three days after the presentation.

Presentation Format

Your team will make a presentation to the class presenting your final design and the components of your app that you have implemented. You will have about 15 minutes for the presentations, and 5 minutes for questions and comments form the class and me.

The presentation should include:

  1. Introduction of all team members with full names.
  2. Brief description of the system and users
  3. Demonstration of your UI using the completed implementation and/or high fidelity prototypes.
  4. Final or near final instructional and other content
  5. Identification of potential usability concerns
  6. Identification of what components of the UI have finished and plan to finish in the next week

Prepare slides for your final design presentation and post them on the team website. Prepare slides using a screen shot of the simulator for all views you have finished and paper design of views you have not finished but will implement. Post the slides on the website. Your final design presentation slides should be posted to your website the day before your presentation.

 During Presentation

Team members that did not present during the Cognitive Walkthrough should present during this Final Design Presentation.

Two team members should be recording feedback and ideas that the audience gives your team during the feedback. Presenters should take turns addressing questions and comments from the audience. Please remember that the feedback is meant to improve your app and do not get defensive about your app design. Some times, the best answer is, “Yes, thank you that is a good idea or point.”

Submit on Canvas and Due Date

Post your slides for the final design review on your team website. Submit the URL to your slides on Canvas. I will give you feedback on your final design after your team’s presentation. This assignment is due the night before your final design presentation.

Prepare for Next Assignment

In your next assignments, you will collect feedback from your class mates, UX consultants/graduate students, scientist/client, and your instructor/me. You will also give feedback to other teams during their final design presentation. Prepare for these assignment by reading: