Topic Assignment 3 – Topic Slides

For this assignment you will prepare the slides for your presentation.

Reading List

There are no readings for this assignment.

Assignment Description

Your presentation should be about 30 minutes. You will record you presentation using Zoom and sharing your screen to show the slides. Your development team will attend the Zoom meeting and ask you questions.

Tip on Slides

  • Do not try to put too much information on any given slide.
  • A slide should present an single idea named in the title of the slide.
  • Do not have a lot of text on your slides. The slide should not be a paragraph of text.
  • If the body of your slide is a bullet list, the bullet list should not be much longer than 4 items. If you need a longer list then make another slide to continue the list.
  • Slides are better used for visuals. Most of your slides should be figures or graphs.
  • The only reason for having more than one figure on a slide is so that the viewer can compare the figures.
  • Do not use fancy graphical effects in your slides or transitioning. The graphical effect distract from the content of your slides.
  • Your final slide should NOT be “Questions?” or “End!”. Rather the final slide should be a reference list or the final conclusion of your presentation.
  • Any materials used form others source should be reference in the slide.

The number of slides is a personal choice and depends on your presentation style. Some people can effectively present many slides and other people can talk forever on one slide. When I presented physics topics I calculated 2 minutes per slide, they were dense slides with formulas and graphs. Now for HCI presentations, I calculate about 1 minute per slide.

Submit on Canvas

Post your slides on to your website. Submit the URL to your slides on canvas. I will give you feedback after your presentation.

Grading Rubric

I will give you feedback on your slides in terms of the list above about tips.

Prepare for Next Assignment

The next topic assignment is presenting your topic. Prepare by reading: