Project Assignment 17 – First Deployment

In this assignment you will make your first deployment to the production tomcat severer.

Reading List

To prepare for this assignment, read:

Assignment Description

After reading the deployment lecture and tomcat credential file, deploy to production tomcat. The app is not expected to be completed.

If you have difficulties with deployment:

  • Check the log file in logs/ directory adjacent to the webapp/ directory
  • Check that tomcat is running by pointing the browser to ROOT url.
  • Double check your dataSource configurations in application.yml file
  • Even if you app does not use a database, you should still configure a dataStore because Grails looks for the dataSource on deployment. The dataStore can be in memory as during development.
  • Double check server: context: setting in application.yml
  • Be sure to start the tomcat server using sudo systemctrl
  • If you cannot start the tomcat server, check your sudo permissions

Contact me if none of the above does not help.

Submit on Canvas and Due Date

Submit on canvass the URL for deployed app by the end of the first week after Spring Break.

Grading Rubric

This assignment is evaluated by promptness and completeness, i.e. is your app deployed.

Prepare for Next Assignment

You next assignment is to prepare for your Final Design Presentation. Read: