Evaluation Assignment 2 – User Goals Document

In this assignment, you will write and share with your development/undergraduate team a User Goals Document.

Reading List

To prepare for this assignment, read

Assignment Description

Meeting with Sponsoring Scientists

The documents that you produce for your development/undergraduate team require that you understand the app and its context. You will need to attend the meetings that your development team has with their scientist/client. It is not sufficient that you learn about the scientist’s requirements and app context from the team. They may not remember all the details of the meeting or misunderstand.

You should not run the meeting with the scientist. Let the team run the meeting. This is an opportunity for the undergraduate students to learn to gather requirements from a client.  You may ask the scientist questions.

Email your development/undergraduate team to learn when they are meeting with scientist and the medium.

User Goals Document

Immediately after meeting with your scientist/client, you should write an User Goal Document using your notes from the interview. The User Goals Document briefly describes the app that the development team will design, the users of the app and their goals. It is one or two page document which includes the following sections:

  • App Idea – a few sentence description of the main purpose of the app and what it will enable.
  • Users – a list of different user types with a few word description of the user and their role using the app. Include information such as their expected age, and expertise with technology.
  • User Goal Table  – Associative table with columns “User” and “Goal”. Items of the the “User” column is generated from the list of “Users” in the previous section. The “Goal” items associate the goals for that user.

You will share and discuss your User Goal Document with your team during the class hour. You should use these discussions to delineate what aspect of the development/undergraduate team’s App Description is missing and prepare for their second scientist meeting. The discussions with your development/undergraduate team may result in you revising your User Goal Documentation.

Submit on Canvas and Due Date

Submit on canvas your User Goal Document before the class hour.

Grading Rubric

The App Description will be evaluated by timeliness and completeness. In particular, I will look for:

  • Clear, concise and correct app idea
  • Identification of specific user types
  • Clear, concise and correct user-goal table

Prepare for the Next Assignment

In you next assignments, you will make you consultant website and post on the website your HCI topic and the Design Support Document. Prepare for the assignment by reading: