Evaluation Assignment 9 – Usability Testing

For this assignment, you will conduct your usability test.

Reading List

To prepare for this assignment review your usability test plan.

Assignment Description

Usability Testing

This assignment description is a reminder of things should do before, during and after the usability tests.

Before the Test

Email your participant a day or two before the scheduled test date. If you are using Zoom conferencing software, the email should have the Zoom link and remind the participant that you will video record them.

Email members of your development team that will be assisting you. Remind them of their role during the testing. If using Zoom conferencing software, the email should have the Zoom link.

During the Testing

You and your development team should arrive early and organize.

When the participant arrives, introduce yourself and the team. Thank them for attending.

If you are video recording, reminding the participant that you will be recording them and ask them for consent.

Read the consent from and get the participant consent.

At the conclusion of the testing, thank the participant for participating.

After the Test

Gather your notes and your development team notes, and organize them.

Enter in the Usability Test Sessions google sheet weather the participant attended or not.

Submit on Canvas

There is nothing to submit on Canvas.

Grading Rubric

I cannot evaluate this assignment. I will give you feedback during the Usability Test Results presentations and on your Usability Test Report.

Prepare for Next Assignment

The next evaluation assignments are the Usability Test Result Presentation and the Usability Test Report. Prepare by reading: