Evaluation Assignment 1 – Project Signup and Skill Survey

For this assignment, you sign up for your project and fill out the skills survey. The assignment is due by the end of the first class. The assignment is grade by promptness of completion.

Assignment Description

For this assignment:

  1. visit and read the Scientist Client Page.
  2. Submit on the CS5760 Canvas your preference list for the app that you would like to work on. First on the list should be your first choice and second should be your second choice, etc. Please give me your preference for all apps. Name the apps by the scientist’s name.
  3. Fill out and submit the skills Survey.
  4. Read the Project and Stakeholder Lecture.
  5. Read about assignments:
    1. Assignments
    2. Evaluation Assignments
    3. HCI Topic Assignments
    4. Surveys
  6. Read the CS5760 Course Policies.
  7. Read the Scientist-Student Agreement.
  8. Prepare for next assignment.


Class Email List

I will communicate with the class using the class emails list. Be sure that you are receiving these emails. The best way to communicate with me is by the class email list. To assure I reply to your email promptly, use the appropriate subject line:

cs5760 – <full personal team name> – <subject>


  • <full personal name or team name> – Use your full name so that I can identify you. If I believe your question or comment is appropriate for entire class I will cc the class list on my reply.
  • <subject > – should be a few words, be concise and specific, for example if you have a question about the first topic assignment, the subject should be “topic assignment 1 – question”.

Your Team Email List

You should receive an email form your development/undergraduate team from your team email list inviting you to communicate using the team email list. Respond to this email introducing yourself.

Discord IRC

I will set up discord channels channels for the development/undergraduate teams that they will use for internal team communications. If you wish to have access to your development/undergraduate team discord channel, contact your development team asking them for permission to join the channel. If the team agrees they will send you an email (with me cc) to the channel URLs.

You will need to resister at Discord if you don’t already have a account.


After receiving the team’s URL, you should log into discord, visit the general channel for the class server which will be named


It will also have the MTU logo. Change your nickname for the class server.


You will need to change your nickname to your first and last name so that I can identify you and assign you to your team’s channels. We are using Discord professionally, so continue to use your first and last name on the class server so all you teammates know who is communicating. Change your nickname within two days of receiving the email the from your team inviting you to their channels.

Meeting with Sponsoring Scientists

The design support and the evaluation documents that you produce for the app development teams require that you understand the app and the context of the app. You will need to attend meetings with the scientist sponsoring the app when the team meets with the scientist. It is not sufficient that you learn about scientists requirements and app context from the team. They may not remember all the details of the meeting or misunderstand.

You should not run the meeting with the scientist. Let the team run the meeting. This is an opportunity for the undergraduate students to learn to gather requirements from a client.  You may ask the scientist questions.

Meet with your development/undergraduate team to learn when they are meeting with scientist and the medium.

Due Date

This assignment is due at the end of the first class.

Grading Rubric

The grading of the assignment is complete or incomplete. Late assignment submissions are incomplete.

Prepare for Next Assignment

In your next evaluation assignment, you will assist your development/undergraduate team by interviewing the scientist/client and write a user goal document. Prepare for your next assignment by reading:

This is a long reading list, so I recommend starting reading early.