Project Assignment 12 – Design Changes after Walkthrough

After your walkthrough, you should meet with your scientists/clients, user experience consultants/graduate students and your instructor to gather feedback on your design. After meeting with your client, user experience experts, and instructors, you should list your design changes in a document.

Reading List

This assignment is performed at the same time as your design review with your instructor. Read

Assignment Description

Feedback from Scientist/Client

After your cognitive walkthrough, your team should meet with your scientist/client to discuss the design changes suggested by the cognitive walkthrough. The purpose of the meeting is for the scientist to give you feedback on your design and to indicate any missing component or content.

Before the meeting, email the following documents to the scientist for their review:

  • hand-drawn or software drawn sketches of your application design and navigational framework
  • list of data that the app will store
  • details of the instructional and other content for the app

You may explain the application to the scientist by reading your nominal use scenario, especially if the scientist did not attend the cognitive walkthrough.

During the meeting, tell your scientists/client about your team website. You should have them visit your team website during the meeting and tell them that you will post updates and more information on the website.

Record your meeting notes with your scientists/clients and post them on your team website. Share your meeting notes with your scientists/clients by emailing them the same day as your meeting.

Feedback from User Experience Experts/Graduate Students

After you receive the heuristic evaluation from your UX conslutants/graduate students, your team should meet with your UX consulatants/graduate students. The purpose of the meeting is for your UX consultants/graduate students to give you feedback on your design resulting from the heuristic evaluation. All members of your team should have read the heuristic evaluation before the meeting. You should also have accessible during the meeting your paper prototype used for the cognitive walkthrough.

At least two members of your team should record notes during the meeting. The meeting notes should be posted on your team website immediately after the meeting.

Feedback from Instructors

The week after your Cognitive Walkthrough, you will meet with your instructors. See Project Assignment 10 – Design Review assignment description for details about the meeting.

At least two members of your team should record notes during the meeting. The meeting notes should be posted on your team website immediately after the meeting.

Design Change Documents

You should decide if the design changes proposed by your scientists/clients, user experience experts/graduate students, and your instructors are appropriate. In addition you can derive your own additional design changes. The design changes you plan to implement should be organized and listed in a Design Change Document. For each design change you should give a reason or rationale for the design change, so you will know why you made the change. Like all documents that your team generates, the Design Change Document should be dated just below the title. Your team will generate several design change documents during the semester so they should be dated and numbered in the title of the document. Post them in order on your team website.

Post the Design Change Documents on your website as soon as they are generated.

Updated Burndown Chart

When you created your burn down chart at the beginning of the semester, you did not have enough information to specify the implementation tasks for your project. But now that I have defined the scope of your app during the design review, you should have a complete vision of the app and should be able to specify the implementation tasks in your burn down chart.

You should refine your burn down table by adding implementation tasks in the “Product Backlog Inventory”. Try to give a complete delineation of the tasks required to complete the implementation of your app and then give your best estimate for the effort of each tasks in the cells for week 7 by entering a negative number.  The table will make clear the refinements that you made to update the burn down chart. Do not forget to post the updated graph on your team website, and to keep it updated.

Submit on Canvas and Due Date

After you have posted your Design Change Document and updated your burn down chart on your team website, submit the URL to your design changes on canvas.

The assignment is due the week after the Design Review with your instructor.

Grading Rubric

This assignment is evaluated by promptness and completeness. In particular:

  • Are all the important design changes listed?
  • Are rationale given for each design change?
  • Are the design changes appropriate?

Prepare for Next Assignment

Your next assignment is to make initial commit in your repository. Prepare by reading