Project Assignment 24 – Implementation Review

In this assignment, you will meet with your instructor/me to explain your design, implementation, and your ideas for improving the app.

Reading List

Three are no readings for this assignment.

Assignment Description

Scheduling Implementation Review

Your team can their have Implementation Review with me, your instructor, any time during the last week of regular classes or the week of the final that I am free. All team members are required to attend. I prefer to meet with you after your UX consultants/graduate students have presented their Usability Test Results and you have had your final meeting with your scientist/client, but it is not absolutely necessary.

Email me your proposed time using the subject line:

cs4760 – Implementation Review – <your team name>

Implementation Review

All team members are required to attend the meeting. You will not receive your final grade until your website is complete and I have access to your application code.

Your team will meet with me for approximately 45 minutes.  The purpose of the interview is to review:

  • your team website
  • demonstrate your UI
  • explain usability test result
  • discuss the final meeting with your scientist/client
  • how much of the application is completed
  • suggested changes to application
  • discuss the course

Do not be anxious about the review.

Website and Directory

Make sure your web site is complete. Your web site should have posted and linked with public access:

  • Team and App name
  • Graduate students’ names
  • Scientists’ names
  • Interaction Design Documents:
    • Both App Design Summaries
    • Brief overview of the system, including the device and any other device used by the system.
    • Descriptions of important stakeholders, including users.
    • Four user personas (See lecture notes)  
    • Descriptions of the environment that users will be in while using the device and performing tasks
    • Scanned or transcribed notes from the interviews with the scientist and among yourselves 
    • At least 2 scenarios describing the nominal use of the application, drawing on your personas (See lecture notes and below)
    • At least 1 scenario describing user making an error using the app and the app behavior.
    • Simplified hierarchical task interaction design (See lecture notes and below)
    • A description of your database schema
    • Simplified hierarchical task interaction design A description of your database schema
  • Cognitive Walkthrough documents:
    • Presentation slides
    • Paper prototypes
    • Use scenarios
    • Usability and Design concerns
    • Support documents
  • Team meeting minutes
  • Design Change Documents
  • Final Design review documents:
    • Presentation Slides
    • Screen shots and drawing of the app
    • Presentation scrip
    • Supporting documents
    • Notes
  • Meeting Notes from
    • Cognitive Walkthrough
    • Review with Graduate Student about the Heuristic Evaluation
    • Review with Scientists about the Cognitive Walkthrough
    • Review with me about the Cognitive Walkthrough
    • Final Design Presentation
    • Review with Scientists about the Final Design Presentation
  • Links to Graduate students:
    • stakeholder analysis
    • personas
    • task analysis
    • Heuristic Evaluation
    • Usability Test Schedule
    • Usability Test Plan
    • Usability Test Analysis
  • Up to date Burndown Chart. The graph does not have to terminate at zero. Terminating above zero would imply that the project was not completed. Terminating below zero would imply that work on tasks exceed their estimated effort.
  • Be sure that the master branch on GitHub is what is currently deplored. If your project is deployed to a production sever then the master branch on GitHub should be contain what is deployed on on that production server. If your project is a type that is not deployed to a sever, the master branch on GitHub, should be the final working version.
  • Any Implementation documents
  • A file explaining how to install and special requirements for running your app. If your project is deployed to a server that provide you then this document is not necessary.

Review Format

We will view your user interface and your team website for completeness. I will discuss your usability test results. Your team should be prepared to answer questions about:

  • design decisions
  • implementation issues, including the simulator
  • proposed design changes
  • application completeness
  • general feedback back about the course

The team is responsible for bring any required hardware to run the apps.

Submit on Canvas and Due Date

When you website and project directory is up-to-date, submit on Canvas the URL to your team website, the URL to you github repository, and the URL to your app.

This assignment is due the end of final weeks. You will not receive your final grade until your website is complete and I have access to your application code.

Grading Rubric

This assignment is evaluated for attendance, completeness and thoughtfulness during the review.

Prepare for Next Assignment

This is the last project assignment, but you still have surveys to complete independently to finish this course, then I can give you your final grade.

Thank you very much for participating in this course.