Project Assignment 14 – Domain Commit

For this assignment you implement and commit you domain classes. If you app authenticate and authorizes user, you should add the Spring Security plugin.

Reading List

To prepare for this assignment, read:

Assignment Description

Domain Implementation and Commit

Your team should commit the app homepage and domain objects into your GitHub repository. Your domain classes and database schema design document should agree. Be sure the database schema design document is up to date. Be sure to keep the old version of the database schema.

Spring Security Plugin

If your app needs authorization and authentication (and most apps do), you should install Spring Security Grails plugin early. Experience has show that there can be problem integrating Spring Security late during development, so install it early.

Submit on Canvas and Due Date

After you have made the app home page, domain classes and added the Spring Security Plugins, submit on Canvas:

  • the URL of your GitHub repository
  • A link to your up to date domain schema. The domain schema also have a brief explanation of each table.

The commit should be made before Spring Break.

Grading Rubric

This assignment is evaluated for completeness, promptness and correctness. I will inspect your domain classes to check for correctness.

Prepare for Next Assignment

After Spring Break, you will attend your UX consultants/graduate students presentations and schedule the Usability Tests for your app. To prepare for the assignments, read