Project Assignment 1 – Project Signup and Skills Survey

For this assignment, you sign up for your project and fill out the skills survey. The assignment is due by the end of the first class. The assignment is grade by promptness of completion.

Assignment Description

For this assignment:

  1. visit and read the Scientist Client Page.
  2. In the CS4760 canvas course, sign up for the project you wish to work on. Note projects have limit on the number of students, so sign up early to get your first choice.
  3. Fill out and submit the skills Survey.
  4. Read the Project and Stakeholder Lecture.
  5. Read about the course assignments at:
    1. Assignments
    2. Project Assignments
    3. Individual Programming Assignments
    4. Surveys
  6. Read the CS4760 Course Policies.
  7. Prepare for next assignment.

See the canvas guides for how to signup for a project group (team).

Due Date

This assignment is due at the end of the first class. I will use the results of this assignment to give your team access to your directory and team shared google drive.

Grading Rubric

The grading of the assignment is complete or incomplete. Late assignment submissions are incomplete.

Prepare for Next Assignment

In your next assignment, you will form your team and write the initial team documents. Prepare for your next assignment by reading: