Project Assignment 22 – Usability Testing

In this assignment, you will observe and assist in your app’s usability tests.

Reading List

You should have read by now:

Assignment Description

Refer to the schedule the schedule for your usability tests and roles that you are assume in the Project Assignment 15 – Usability Test Scheduling, and be sure to arrive early for the usability tests. Be prepared to:

  • Help with getting the app running and recovering the app from an errors
  • Assuming the role assigned to you.
  • Observe the results of the usability test

Submit on Canvas and Due Date

There is nothing to submit on canvas. Your UX consultants will record your attendance for the testing.

Grading Rubric

This assignment will be evaluated by attendance.

Prepare for Next Assignment

In the next assignments, you will meet with your scientists/clients after the usability test results presentations to get their final feedback and with your instructor/me to discuss you design, implementation and experience. Prepare by reading: